Janet enjoys planting herbs and seeds in her fence railing window boxes to see them bloom throughout summer.

Window Box Contest Winners Announcement

We were pleased to be a part of the 2014 Window Box Contest alongside two other great sponsors to encourage homeowners to get creative and push the envelope on their curb appeal projects. There were many fantastic entries and it was pretty difficult to select the winners. So without further ado let’s announce the winners […]

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Help! How to Rescue a Dying House Plant

So, you received a beautiful house plant for your birthday – one that was guaranteed to be indestructible. But, it’s dying anyway. You told the gift-giver that you have a “black thumb”, but they didn’t listen, and now you’re trying to be philosophical about the death of what was once a beautiful plant. Don’t give…

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Money Trees are popular house plants used in feng shui.">Potted money tree

Using House Plants in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a long-established Chinese decorating style that takes into account the different “energies” that shapes and materials can bring into a space. According to the feng shui tradition, you want to have a balance of energies, or chi, in your workspace and home. The balance of energy is called yin yang. Five different…

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