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It’s common knowledge that inside plants offer some important health benefits such as air cleansing, O2 and CO2 production. But what may not be known is that the best office plants provide mental-boosting capabilities as well. Besides air purifying, green plants contribute some additional potent properties.

Corporate Logo Office Plants Show Appreciation

Colleagues, customers, business partners, employees working in diverse locations all want to feel appreciated, especially when they have helped increase your bottom line. What better way to say “Thanks” than to give them office plants in attractive planters with corporate logos on the front? It’s a convenient way to convey your heartfelt appreciation. Whether sending […]

Thankful? Buy Plant Gifts Online

Saying Thank You with a special gift to demonstrate how much you appreciate someone is an age old tradition, and what better way than to Buy Plant Gifts Online. It’s a convenient way to choose thank you gift baskets from your home or office. Whether the receiver is a master gardener, a novice, or anyone […]

Great Indoor Plant Ideas for College Students

Whether you’re the student or the parent, with our indoor plant ideas adding a touch of green (or colorful flowers) will definitely aid in surviving the semester by brightening any dorm room or apartment. Good indoor plants are not only beneficial to your health, providing vital oxygen purifying the air, they also soothe the soul […]


A popular and hardy plant, the pachira aquatica of the bonsai family–more commonly known as the Money Tree Plant–has become an increasingly popular these days.  Identified as having ‘mystical powers’, the money plant is thought to bring good luck and good fortune! Hence, its common name is the first of 10 surprising money tree facts.