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The Health Benefits of Lavender

Lavender is a popular plant that provides beautiful blooms and a fresh scent. But one of the greatest aspects of lavender can’t be seen or smelled – it is the plant’s enormous health benefits. Growing lavender is simple, and the plant can be used in a number of ways to improve your daily health. Here […]

Kitchen Herbs for Tasty Recipes

Fresh herbs make all the difference in a recipe – they can take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. But buying fresh herbs from the grocery store takes money and time, two commodities that are hard to use. The perfect solution? Create a kitchen herb garden for tasty recipe enhancers right at your fingertips. Kitchen […]

Indoor Plant Gifts for Mom

Every mom has the same wasteland of old presents: handmade art from the kids, cheap jewelry, broken “World’s Best Mom” mugs, and even kitchen appliances. Show your mom how much you love her with a gift she’ll actually appreciate, instead of just tolerate. Indoor plant gifts for mom are the gift that keeps on growing […]

This Valentine’s Day, Green Conquers All

Send a plant right off the bat this Valentine’s Day and emerge victorious – and still in love. To all you repeat offenders, left scrounging for last-minute gift ideas each year, put your shame aside. We’ve all been there. Twenty-four hours to go and fresh out of ideas, so many fall victim to the fresh […]

Birth Month Flowers are for Babies!

Bringing a new family member into the world can be a great experience for a young couple, but for their family and friends who are contemplating gift ideas celebrating the little bundles of joy, these are stressful times.  Baby gifts are difficult to choose, especially when you need gifts for babies who have everything.  Why […]