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How to Care for a Miltonia Orchid

Orchids are exotically beautiful, and notoriously hard to nurture. Watering, light, soil, food, all take a sudden toll on this exquisite flower, and the damage from a misstep can be irreversible. If you have a miltonia orchid, there is even more need for caution. Here are some tips on how to care for a miltonia […]

Growing Herbs Indoors

You may have some of the prettiest rosemary on your patio, and abundant oregano in the window box. But, what are you supposed to do when the weather turns bad? Believe it or not, you can bring those herbs inside for the winter. You can also grow potted herbs indoors year-round. Growing herbs indoors are […]

How to Care for Potted Succulents

Succulents are some of the most attractive, easy care plants in the plant kingdom. They need very little attention, and can survive quite a bit of abuse. However, these little Super Heroes of plants do require a little bit of care to keep them healthy. Here are some pointers for taking care of potted succulents. […]

Should You Send Flowers for Father’s Day?

Deciding on a gift for your dad for Father’s day might take a while, if he doesn’t have a hobby of some sort. But sending flowers? Should you send flowers for Father’s Day? Believe it or not, no matter how tough your Dad may seem, flowers can strike a chord with him that may be […]