Terrarium Décor Ideas, Tips & Tricks

A modern decor accent/planter for both indoors and out, terrariums are truly versatile. With so many ways to fill them and so many places to put them, we decided to share some fun ways others have used them in their homes and special events, as well as some great DIY tips on keeping your terrariums—plant-filled or not—beautiful in any setting. So get ready to be inspired!

Decorating with Terrariums

Hanging terrariums can be hung from hooks, brackets, pegs, picture frames—pretty much anywhere that can hold a string and a small amount of weight. Small shells, air plants, succulents, pebbles, moss, and candles are all great filler ideas.

Need a tablescape or other décor elements for a special wedding or other event? Hanging and table terrariums are a great way to add ethereal charm to the occasion. The best part? Since they are clear, they are versatile: you can place items of any color to suit your color and design theme.

Terrarium Tips & Tricks

  1. DON’T place terrariums with plants in direct sun. The clear glass will act as a magnifier on the plants, quickly burning them with heat. Instead, place them inside near a window and out of direct sun, or outside in a shady location.
  2. DO keep your terrariums clean. Like anything else, the terrarium builds up dust and dirt both inside and out, ruining the pristine beauty of the glass globe display. Every so often, clean both inside and out with a clean, lint-free cloth.
  3. DON’T overwater plants in a terrarium. Instead of pouring a stream of water on the plants, use a spray bottle on your terrarium plants. Absorb the extra moisture with a paper towel or cloth, so that it doesn’t sit on the plant and create fungus.
  4. DO choose the right plants for your terrarium. Air plants, succulents, and other plants that require low to medium light are ideal. Other terrific terrarium plants include artillery ferns, polka dot plants, prayer plants, pothos, and baby’s tears.
  5. DO deter bugs. Live plants in terrariums tend to attract pests. To deter them, you can use pebbles or rocks and avoid overwatering or leaving excess moisture in the terrarium after watering.
  6. DO use the right soil for your terrariums. Coconut coir, peat moss, and some houseplant soils work the best when you are using live plants in your terrariums.
  7. DO prune or remove plants when they’re overgrown. Look for leggy, unruly plants or plants that look like they’re bursting out of the terrarium: it may be time to remove them from your terrarium and place them in a larger planter.
  8. DO get creative with your layers. There are so many cool designs you can make by adding layers of various textures and colors to your terrarium—so don’t be shy! Add colored mosses and pebbles, marbles, flowers, plants, sands, shells, figurines of animals and people, and much more!
  9. DON’T forget drainage! Plants in terrariums need drainage to remain healthy and happy. As terrariums don’t have drainage holes (though they do have air holes!), proper drainage needs to happen at the layer level. Adding gravel and/or charcoal layers under your soil will provide a filtration system for your plants, keeping the soil aerated and harmful algae at bay.
  10. DO watch where you put them! Be careful of cold or heat extremes when deciding on where to hang or place your terrarium. For example, keep them away from open vents, fireplaces, fire pits and barbeques, light bulbs, and other places that could cause the plants in them to wither and die, or the terrarium to become damaged from excessive heat pressure.

Get or Give a Terrarium Today!

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