Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

Mother’s Day 2018 falls on Sunday, May 13th. Get ready to show your mother and other special moms in your life that you care with live plant gifts delivered right to their door! Need help deciding which lovely fresh foliage to gift to which mom? Since, like moms, each of our gift plants is unique, here are some ways to say “I love you” and “Thank you for all you do” with plant gifts that will last, not just for a few days—like cut flowers—but through the season, and beyond!


Gardenia in Hand-Painted Love Container

The sweet, delicate aroma of gardenias in a cottage-style container that spells “love” with a heart? What’s not to love (pun intended)? Mom will remember receiving this Gardenia in Hand-Painted Love Container gift for years to come.

Gardenia in Metal Pot

If your mom is more “farmhouse-chic”, she might prefer the Gardenia in Mom Tag Metal Pot. An industrial-style metal container is grounded by a natural twine bow and metal “Mom” tag (with heart) that lets mom know who this lovely gift is for, and just how special she is to you.

Gardenia Bonsai

This dwarf Gardenia Bonsai reflects the ancient Japanese art of mindful gardening. Not only is this tiny tree, with its waxy leaves and creamy blossoms, pleasing to the eye, but it is also an exercise in nurturing and the tranquility that comes with it. Moms who love to find their peace in the act of gardening will enjoy the quiet moments of tending to this delicate and unique gift plant.

Gardenia in Angel Cachepot

A sweet, meaningful gift plant, the Gardenia in Angel Cachepot showcases its full foliage and blooming buds in a beautiful ceramic container made in the shape of a praying angel. This beautiful gift is impactful for mothers of faith, as this little angel can fit on a nightstand, shelf, bookcase, desk, or even on a patio that gets a few hours of sun during the day.


Herb Trio in Metal Pot

If you have or know a foodie mom who enjoys throwing sprigs of fresh herbs in her dishes, the sweet Herb Trio in Mom Tag Metal Pot is the perfect gift. Compact enough to place on a kitchen counter or windowsill, yet lovely enough to use as décor alone in a living room or at the office, this plant gift has many uses, and can be appreciated by most any kind of mom. The fresh scent alone will make her smile, and she can enjoy the seasonal sage, rosemary, and thyme for weeks and months past Mother’s Day—truly making it the gift that keeps on giving!

Aromatic Lavender in Purple Circa Container

Know a mom who could use some relaxation and stress relief? Then the Aromatic Lavender in Purple Circa Container is just for her. With vibrant violet lavender blossoms and a subtle yet pleasing aroma, mom will appreciate its presence: whether using it as decoration, pinching sprigs to use while cooking or in the tub, or simply as aromatherapy. Made complete with the a lovely modern pot with color blocks of purple and light blue, this elegant Mother’s Day plant gift will be a gentle reminder of your love and thankfulness that she’s in your life.

Herb Trio in Hand-Painted Woven Basket

Know a mom who’d love an edible garden, but who doesn’t have room for one? This down-to-earth Herb Trio in Hand-Painted Woven Basket will let her grow her favorite cooking herbs right on her kitchen counter or windowsill.

Herb Giving Wishes Gift Kit

Grant mom six wishes this Mother’s Day: for cheer, peace, gratitude, health, harmony, and laughter. Each pot in the Herb Giving Wishes Kit contains seeds from a different type of herb, each of which comes with a colorful label of the wish that the herb symbolizes.

Peace Lilies

Peace Lily in Hand-Painted Love Container

The universal plant symbol of peace and purity, the peace lily has a tranquil beauty that makes it ideal as a Mother’s Day gift. Our Peace Lily in Hand-Painted Love Container will go straight to the heart of any mom, as she’ll love the bright, cheerful blossoms of this precious plant.

Large Peace Lily in Floral Swirl Pot

For more traditional moms, the Large Peace Lily in Floral Swirl Pot is sure to fit well within most classic home décor. With a delicate scroll pattern made with soft colors, the pot that the peace lily is planted in will perfectly showcase its brilliant blossoms.

Have it Delivered by Mother’s Day!

Order now to make sure mom gets her gorgeous gift plant on or before Mother’s Day! Visit for more information on pre-order sale discounts and shipping cut-off dates.

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