Give Your Green-Thumbed Dad a Garden Gift for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, kids everywhere and of all ages are looking for the best gift to give to Dad to celebrate the special day. But if a tie isn’t ideal and your dad doesn’t golf, maybe you want to think outside the box a bit. Might we suggest a plant? Sometimes gardening and plants are supposedly a “female” thing, but plenty of men enjoy taking care of plants as well. And maybe your dad is one of them. Here are a few ideas for plant gifts for him you can get your dad regardless of his experience with taking care of plants.

The “Now Where Do You Plug It In” Dad

If your dad is new to gardening you don’t want to get him a plant that takes a lot of care and attention. Or maybe he’s an experienced gardener but needs a hearty plant that will adapt to his busy schedule because he works for travel for leisure. Either way, this Cactus Garden is ideal. A combination of cacti and succulents, this attractive plant group needs very little TLC to flourish. It comes in an attractive container and indirect or short periods of direct sunlight as well as periodic watering will keep this plant hearty and healthy for years to come. It will look great on your dad’s desk or coffee table.

7 different cacti and succulent varieties in a 7-inch ceramic planter bowl.
Also known as the bottle palm, this Mexican native thrives in warm and indoor settings.

The “I Know What I’m Doing” Dad

This category is for dads who already have plants or have worked in gardens before. For dads who are a bit more seasoned where plants are concerned, this lovely Ponytail Plant makes a great gift. It’s actually a mini palm tree and its delicate branches curl and intertwine into an elegant looking plant. It comes in a 6″ ceramic bonsai pot with a footed base, and requires an average amount of care. As the plant matures you can transfer it to a larger pot and continue to enjoy its beauty. It does well in low-humidity areas and since the trunk stores water, frequent watering is not necessary.

The “Plant with a Message” Dad

Does your dad enjoy gifts with interesting background stories? If so, then the Potted Money Tree qualifies. Popular in East Asia as well as here in the States, this plant is said to be good luck. It is also a popular item in feng shui guides for both home and office settings.

Now, when your dad says, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” you can point to the plant and say, “Sure it does, I gave you one on Father’s Day!” On second thought, you might want to keep that last part to yourself, at least until the plant matures a bit. Speaking of that, the plant will outgrow its attractive reclaimed wood planter and will require a new container eventually, and it does require regular watering.

Hand-braided money tree in 5-inch rustic container.

These are just three ideas. There are many other options available on our site. Maybe he’d prefer all succulents. Or perhaps he would like to grow his own herbs? Or maybe he really enjoys bonsai or bamboo. Whatever he prefers, we probably have unique plant gifts for that. And if you place your order before the daily cutoff time listed on-site, the order will ship the same day; otherwise, the order ships the next day.  Need help picking the right plant for dad? We can help because we’re only a phone call away. Whether you want to get him a small plant that will sit on a table or a terrarium full of interesting plants of all varieties, we have the materials to create the perfect gift for you dad.

Hand-trimmed three year old juniper bonsai in ceramic footed container.

Small Juniper Bonsai

Mixed Succulents in Aspen Pot

Planter is plastic-lined and fits windowsills and shelves up to 4.5 inches wide.

Cottage Herb Planter

So, quit with the boring ties and the gift card to the sporting goods store and get Dad a plant instead. Or after you give him the tie and take him to pick out a new nine iron, give him a plant. Every time he looks at it, he’ll think of you. And every time he waters it, talks to it, or transfers it to a new container because it’s thriving under his care, he’ll also think of you and be grateful that this living entity won’t need braces, insurance or college tuition. It’s truly the gift that will keep giving.

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