Make Mom Smile with a Gift Plant Just for Her

What would we do without moms? They give us the last piece of pie even if they secretly want it. They make sure we know when “jacket weather” starts. And they remind us “This too shall pass.” So when selecting Mother’s Day 2017 gifts, why give Mom cut flowers that will just wither and die after a few days? Why not remind Mom that she’s loved each and every day with live plant gifts that last for months or even years to come?

Gifts Moms of All Kinds Will Love

Below are some gift plant ideas for the different types of moms in your life. Have these plant gifts delivered at the press of a button, and get them just in time for Mother’s Day!

The Foodie Mom

Do you know a mom who loves to throw fresh herbs into her gourmet dishes as she cooks? Maybe while sipping a much-deserved glass of Pinot Grigio? (We won’t judge.) Our fresh Cottage Herb Basket and our homey Herb Trio in Hand Painted Birdhouse are great plant gifts for moms who love the look, smell, and taste of live herbs perched conveniently on their kitchen countertop or windowsill.

The Plant-Lover Mom

Do fragrant flowers light up your mom’s face? Then perhaps one of our aromatic flowering gift plants will be the gift that keeps on giving for her. Our Large Fragrant Gardenia in Mother’s Day Container has glossy green leaves and fragrant white flowers in a lovely pot with a scrolled “Happy Mother’s Day” message. For more relaxing but nonetheless fragrant florals, our Aromatic Lavender in Purple Circa Pot has a splay of bright purple lavender blooms in a ceramic pot with a modern color block pattern.

The ‘Home and Hearth’ Mom

Know a mom who goes to great lengths to make her home a haven of warmth and comfort? Help her start at the door by gifting her one of our gorgeous preserved wreaths. The Fragrant Lavender Floral Wreath has a farmhouse-chic design with a calming lavender scent for all who pass through the door. For a more elaborate arrangement, our Myrtle with Flowers Wreath and our Larkspur and Loops Wreath both use a mix of colorful florals for their handmade designs.

The On-the-Go Mom

What mom isn’t on the go, you say? Agreed. However, these gifts are geared towards busy moms who don’t want to deal with caring for high-maintenance live plants. For these moms, we recommend our ultra-modern Small Cactus Garden for a tiny bit of low-maintenance green décor. Planted in artful arrangements of cacti and other succulents pre-planted in nutrient-rich soil, these tiny gardens are perfect for perching on a windowsill, or anywhere she fancies—and the best part is that they require very little water and almost zero care! For a slightly larger display, our Medium Cactus Garden is also a great gift plant option.

If cacti aren’t her thing, try giving Mom a lovely low-care Peace Lily in Purple Hobnail Container with delicate peace lilies and verdant green leaves displayed in a contemporary purple planter.

The Zen Mom

Any peace-seeking, center-finding, Yoga-loving moms out there? Our Small Juniper Bonsai tree fits right into their lifestyle, making plant care a reflective, relaxing experience. Bonsai trees are known for their ability to be trained to grow into different structural designs, elevating gardening to an art form that is perfect for contemplative moms. Slightly larger, though still planted in a tiny 5″ x 7″  oriental ceramic pot, our Medium Juniper Bonsai tree is also an ideal gift plant option for moms with a love of Zen gardens and Zen living.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner—Sunday, May 14th! Make sure to check out for pre-ordering discounts and what date to order by for on-time delivery.

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