Giving Flowering Plants as Gifts for Any Occasion

Looking for the ideal housewarming gift for the new neighbors? Need a great Mother’s Day present for the woman who already has everything? How about a baby shower, wedding, or graduation present that is sure to impress? Become a master gifter with the perfect present for any occasion with brightly blooming live plants and flowers. When you give flowering plants as gifts you aren’t just giving any average knick-knack. Though the phrase may seem clichéd, healthy live plants truly are “the gift that keeps on giving.” Frilly pink azaleas or graceful white lilies are a great way to show your fondness or gratitude for years to come. Read on for more ways to give live plants as gifts…gifts that grow!

Give The Gift That Keeps On Growing!

Ditch that Old-Fashioned Bouquet

Everyone enjoys getting a fresh bouquet from that special someone. But if you want to show a love that endures long after those cut roses have made their way to the trash, then flowering plants are a much more thoughtful choice. Cut flowers and floral arrangements last for a few weeks at best. Live plants, on the other hand, can be enjoyed for many years with the proper care. Not only does the right plant bring a pop of green beauty to a decorative scheme, but live plants also help to improve the air quality indoors, and boost mood and productivity.

What a way to show you care, especially if you’re sending a “just because” or “thinking of you” gift!

Flower bouquets die fast, leaving your recipient empty-handed.

Dead Flower Bouquet - Cut Flowers Die In Days
Fragrant Gardenia Plant In Basket - Giving Plants Blog

Fragrant Flowers for the Nature Lover

Please more than just the visual sense when you give fragrant flowering plants as a gift at a birthday or housewarming party. Aromatic herbs and bushes like our Lavender and Gardenia bring a fresh touch of nature and a sweet floral scent to your indoor space. Our gardenia plants are available in a variety of pots to suit your occasion. Or for a multi-purpose plant that’s sure to please gardeners, cooks, and crafters alike, our Fragrant Lavender Plant in Wicker Basket is a versatile choice. Enjoy the look of these petite purple blooms, use the buds for crafting, or use sprigs of lavender for flavoring foods.

Pristine White Flowers Symbolize Rebirth

White flowers against glossy green foliage make a stunning decorative accent in any home. Our white flowers in attractive planters are a thoughtful token of your love for many occasions, especially funerals and births. The Peace Lily, for example, symbolizes calm and innocence for those in times of grief. White flowers also symbolize rebirth – the perfect present for someone who’s just had a baby!

Potted Peace Lily In Angel Cachepot
Azalea Bonsai Gift Plant

Send a Burst of Floral Cheer

Not just a bauble that will sit forgotten in a drawer, live plant gifts are sure to be seen and enjoyed long after the special occasion is over. What better way to express love and joy than with the colorful Azalea Bonsai plant? Bring the bright beauty of this favorite bush indoors in miniature version to enjoy it any time of the year. With eye-catching color, air-cleaning qualities, and a light fragrance, these unique bonsai bushes are great for that special gardener in your life.

Find the Right Plant Gift in Minutes

Live life in color by giving fresh, flowering plants as gifts for your friends and family. Whether you’re shopping for Mom, Dad, a friend, or that favorite coworker, sending indoor plants is a thoughtful way to show you care. And with guaranteed express shipping, even last-minute gifting can be handled online in just minutes.

Visit to view the entire collection of plant gifts, or call toll-free for help selecting the perfect plant for your occasion. Have a favorite flowering plant? Share it in the comments below!

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