Sympathy Plants Ideas With Meaning

Sending flowers and plants to friends and family when a loved one has died is an honored tradition, one that is both heartfelt and generous. With so many individuals traditionally sending fresh cut flowers, sharing sympathy plants ideas with meaning can convey the ongoing sentiment of life beyond death. Further, sending white plants communicates a tender symbolism that innocence has been restored for the deceased, that there has been a rebirth to a ‘greater place or a ‘higher state of being.’

Ideas for Sympathy Plants

Peace Lilies offer solace and a sense of calm for many recipients as they reflect the sense of peace of the deceased. The Peace Lily in our collection provides just such a sentiment. As such, it makes a wonderful living plant that provides solace and comfort. In addition, the planter it comes in expresses even greater importance with a sense of hope as its conveyed in the Angel Cachepot. This lovely arrangement makes an ideal gift for anyone who has lost a loved one, regardless of gender or specific relationship.


The Elegant Gardenias

Another one of our popular funeral plants is the pristine white Gardenia in the Angel Cachepot. Gardenias are fragrant and gentle, specially combined with the praying cherub at the planter base. In addition to the angel planter, we also offer the gardenia plant in a lovely woven basket, as well as the stately embossed bronze floral container.


More Sympathy Plants That Show You Care

We also carry several other options that communicate heartfelt condolences upon the death of a loved one. In keeping with purity of white theme, many recipients love our flowering Cylcamen in the ridged ceramic planter.


And for a bit of color, the Azalea Bonsai is offered in a vibrant pink, red or white.

To go with your sympathy plant gift, sympathy cards are ways to communicate the depth of your condolences. For help in crafting a meaningful message, review our Writing Words of Sympathy blog.

For additional ideas on giving sympathy plants, please see our entire collection now.


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