Cool Indoor Plants for Guys That Have Everything

Getting a cool gift for the man that has everything is no small accomplishment. Why not surprise him with some indoor plants? They grow well regardless of where the man in your life lives. Giving an unexpected gift of a living plant offers an alternative others might not think to send. But what kind to give the man who has everything? Consider his general interests, lifestyle, and personality. They can inform your decision.

The Small Cactus Garden

For an easy care choice, the Small Cactus Garden offers a low maintenance, highly decorative addition to any man cave. It is filled with six plant varieties of cactus and succulents in staggered heights. The cactus garden thrives in natural light, florescent lights at the office, interior rooms at home, besides being quite comfortable on any windowsill.Medium Cactus Garden

The Lucky Bamboo – Three Choices

For an Asian flare, Lucky Bamboo provides a compelling option that is low maintenance and sturdy. Its efficient stalks are arranged in three choices. The Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo plant arrives in a simple black planter with equal height stalks. The Double Tier Lucky Bamboo Tower comes with two varied heights for a staggered effect. And the Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo is grown in variable heights as if plucked from an Asian garden. While bamboo requires ample light, it remains an easy care plant, requiring less water compared to other indoor plants.

Recycled Grow Bottle – A Trio of Herbs

The hydroponic alternative for the chef in your life, give him three individual bottles to grow fresh herbs for cooking. Handcrafted from repurposed wine bottles, each herb is grown ‘from scratch’. Available in basil, oregano and parsley, this special gift arrives with seeds, instructions, growing medium, and nutrients. Harvesting is approximately six weeks for sprouting.

This recycled grow bottle feels good to give and receive.

This recycled grow bottle feels good to give and receive.

Savvy Succulents

An attractive mixture of succulents, this tidy black pot with rope handles is perfect for the busy man. No time to water? The powerhouse of the desert, succulents actually store water in all plant parts, reserving moisture for later use. Species and colors may vary but what doesn’t vary is the rugged durability of these desert survivors.

The Bonsai Tree – Asian Art Indoor Plants

Representing a miniature sculpted juniper tree, this small bonsai plant is slim, trim and well-manicured–perfect for the man who conveys the same well-groomed demeanor. A vivid green, the oriental bonsai portrays a wonderful combination of minimal but consistent water intake requiring well-lit environments, without overly direct sun exposure.

small bonsai

small bonsai

For plant options for the man who has everything, check out these additional green plant ideas:


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