It’s common knowledge that inside plants offer some important health benefits such as air cleansing, O2 and CO2 production. But what may not be known is that the best office plants provide mental-boosting capabilities as well. Besides air purifying, green plants contribute some additional potent properties.

Office Plants Benefits Basics

FIRST, all good office plants aid in breathing due to air cleaning properties and the Carbon Dioxide transference.

SECOND, they clean the air of formaldehyde and low level carbon monoxide. Why is this important? Most modern offices have carpeting, curtains, plywood (often in furniture), and adhesives that contain formaldehyde or give off low levels of CO, which are toxic. Live plants tend to reduce the presence of these toxins.

THIRD, inside plants help deter illness. By pumping just a little bit of moisture in the air, there is less dry skin, less sore throat syndrome, less dry cough, AND they reduce the risk of certain viruses such as the flu virus.

FOURTH, inside plants boost healing. How? Viewing green plants (even fresh cut flowers) improves physiologic reactions by lowering systolic blood pressure, lowering pain rankings, and reducing anxiety. They also help diminish fatigue.

FIFTH, (and this is huge) desk plants help you work better. They increase memory by 20% and boost concentration levels. And get this: studies have shown live plants actually improve accuracy.

Lavender in Eloquent Embossed Container

Lavender Eloquent Embossed Container

So What Are Some of the Best Office Plants?

Some of the most desirable plants for office (and home) are typically low maintenance plants as well. After all, you want green plants you can keep robust without too much trouble. Examples include:

    1. The Peace Lily–Besides absorbing carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen, they are great air purifiers. The easy-to-care-for Peace Lily removes formaldehyde like most plants. But it also reduces benzene levels and absorbs trichloroethylene, chemicals not so nice to humans.

    2. Bamboo Plants–According to quantum physics, bamboo plants are said to have a very positive energy field. This provides a particularly advantageous quality to work environments. Bamboo stimulates mental acuity, improves immune systems, helps heal respiratory diseases by inhibiting mucous, and is a natural air purifier, among many other properties.
    3. How About BasilBesides the benefits mentioned above, basil can be plucked and chewed anytime you feel your energy flagging at the office. One of the perfect (edible) desk plants, basil is anti-bacterial, contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamins A, K and beta-carotenes, and just tastes good.
    4. Azalea Bonsai–Beyond a natural air-purifier, one of the most practical qualities of the azalea bonsai is its beauty. As a dwarf plant, the Azalea Bonsai does not require a lot of light or moisture so is relatively easy to keep indoors. Their flower petals have a delightful and delicious fragrance– a singular quality worth its weight in gold.

    5. MossWho knew moss could be one of the best office plants to keep around. Because most work places in America are either cooled in the summer and heated in the winter, they tend to suffer from very dry air. Moss, on the other hand, helps infuse the air with much needed moisture. Like other plants, moss also helps purify the air, reduces stress and is very easy to care for.

The take-away from inside plants whether for the office, home, even commercial establishments, is that the best office plants improve quality of life in a myriad of ways. For more office plant ideas and for plant delivery options, shop now.

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