Thankful? Buy Plant Gifts Online

Saying Thank You with a special gift to demonstrate how much you appreciate someone is an age old tradition, and what better way than to Buy Plant Gifts Online. It’s a convenient way to choose thank you gift baskets from your home or office. Whether the receiver is a master gardener, a novice, or anyone in between, with as many options as there are plant gifts to choose from you may want to buy more than one! From elegant orchids to bonsai plants, flowering house plants to rugged and beautiful succulents for sale online, the options are endless.

Beautiful and Cost Effective

Plus, when you purchase and send plants online they are as fresh as any local provider’s. And Thank You Plants from Giving Plants offer untold variety too. Buy unique orchids online, flowering house plants, herb plant thank you gift baskets, even a cactus garden. And besides the many plant varieties available, live gift plants from our online source are cheaper, cutting out overhead that brick and mortar stores cannot. This lets you send plants at a lower price that would be far more costly otherwise.


From Flowering Plants to Easy Care Succulents

Flowering house plants provide both a pop of color and longevity that surpasses cut flowers. Choose between a fragrant Gardenia in a Woven Basket or an Azalea or Pomegranate Bonsai in demure planters, all designed to put the focus on the delicate blooms and blossoms not the pot. For an elegant touch, give the Miltonia Orchid in Wood and Wicker Container–a show-stopper for any room.


We also carry several styles of mixed succulents and cactus gardens, perfect for thanking individuals who may not have a green thumb but will love the ongoing reminder of how they are valued. Requiring little watering, succulents such as those in the Textured Aspen Container, the Repurposed Succulent Trio and the Small Cactus Garden, are just right for easy-to-keep alternatives.

Everything’s Coming Up Bonsai, Bamboo and Grow Bottles

To buy plant gifts online with an Asian theme, saying “Thank You” with bonsai or bamboo plants will add a delicate yet sturdy addition to any decor. Choose the Medium Juniper Bonsai for the look of evergreens from the Far East. Your recipient may also relish in the Zen Reflections Bonsai, complete with a wise fisherman for a contemplative ambiance. Or check out the Ponytail Plant for a frisky and playful eclectic feel.


And whether you are shopping for a novice or a master, grow gardens are always a welcoming way to say “thanks” since receivers can participate in growing their own flowers or plants. To buy plant gifts online in this unique category, check out the Windowsill Grow Box for Lettuce, Herbs or Strawberries, several choices of Bagged Tree Growing Kits, and Grow Bottles with three unique plant varieties.

Amaryllis Grow Bottle Kit

Amaryllis Grow Bottle Kit


No matter what plant Thank You gifts online you select, each one communicates a thoughtful and rewarding present to show you care. Start shopping now and say Thank You with green plants that grow.



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