Send Plant Gifts That Grow for Good Luck Housewarming Gifts

Do you need help finding unique housewarming gifts? Send plant gifts that grow. Potted succulents, bamboo, and other hardy plants are the perfect solution. You can welcome a neighbor or friend into their new home with an attractive potted plant from Giving Plants.

Choose Potted Plants Over Cut Flowers for Gifts That Last

Potted plants are a thoughtful gift. They add beauty to any room. They bring a breath of fresh air to their surroundings. And, they can even improve the air quality. Though, their greatest benefit is that they can last for years to come.

Unlike cut flowers, with proper care, a potted plant can provide years of good luck and positive energy. A bouquet of flowers will simply wilt and die, lasting only a short time. At Giving Plants, we carry gifts that grow. This includes a wide variety of plants in attractive containers, including:

Money Tree in Reclaimed Wood

The braided money tree in a container of reclaimed wood is a great example of unique gift ideas. Traditionally, the money tree is believed to bring good fortune to the gift recipient. 

Money Tree in Reclaimed Wood Container - Giving Plants

A symbol of good fortune, this hand-braided tree ships in a 5″ wood container.

Herb Trio in Birch Container

Another option is the fresh herb trio in a birch container. This gift contains sage, rosemary, and thyme, depending on the season. For a truly original gift idea – consider the herb trio in moss and twine cup and saucer container. Both containers provide a charming way to grow these common kitchen herbs. 

Herb Trio Twig Coffee Mug

Herb Trio Twig Coffee Mug

Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo

The green mountain arrangement is made from lucky bamboo. This easy to care for bamboo is believed to bring good luck, making it a great housewarming gift. When placed on a table, the green mountain lucky bamboo will bring a sense of tranquility to the room too. 

Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo

Green Mountain Lucky Bamboo

Browse Indoor Plant Gifts Online to Find Unique Housewarming Ideas

For a gift that will last long after the housewarming, consider buying indoor plant gifts online and bringing it wrapped as a gift to your next event. We are loving this potted plant gift wrapping guide by Stephanie Lynn! At Giving Plants, we have a wide selection of lovely plants in unique pots and containers. They are a great choice for housewarming gifts for men or women.

Instead of buying a bouquet of cut flowers that will eventually wilt, send plant gifts that keep on giving – with our large array of good luck gift ideas. In addition to the products featured above, browse our entire selection of plants.

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