Discover the Best Green Plant Gifts to Brighten Any Room

Finding the right gift for a special occasion is not always easy. This is especially true when shopping for a parent. Instead of spending hours searching stores and online shops for a suitable gift, you should think about giving something fresh and lively – a green potted plant.

From bamboo plants to potted succulents, there is something for everyone. Here are the best green plant gifts for adding more color to a home or office. If you are looking for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, consider one of the options below:

Make Someone’s Day with a Potted Plant Surprise

A classic gift, the ponytail palm is not actually a palm at all, it’s a member of the lily family. Native to southeastern Mexico, these long-lived indoor houseplants are easy to care for and slow-growing. With proper care indoors, ponytail palms can grow up to 3 feet tall and thrive in full or partial sun at normal room temperatures. Set in a ceramic planter, this is an attractive plant that will look great on a window sill or a desk in an office.

Ponytail Palm Plant in Bonsai Pot

Ponytail Palm Plant in Bonsai Pot $64.95

Often referred to as the Elephant Foot Palm, these fun indoor plants also make great housewarming, teacher and professional gifts. Be sure to check out details of our bonsai style Ponytail Palm for sale including dimensions and delivery options for your next thoughtful surprise.

Add a Sense of Tranquility with a Bamboo Wall

The Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo is also said to bring luck and is another great choice for a special gift. For any occasion, including graduations, promotions, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day – the lucky bamboo gives a sense of tranquility. The straight, thick stalks of bamboo signal strength and peace. The main stalks will never grow any taller, while the side shoots will continue to grow. The healthy bamboo stalks are set in a rectangular ceramic container and accessorized with a polished river rock.

Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo

Garden Wall Lucky Bamboo $29.99

Place lucky bamboo plants and other bonsais throughout your home or business for a relaxing, tranquil feel. Send good luck plants for graduations, new jobs, big exams and other milestone special events.

A Low-Maintenance Succulent Garden for Busy Individuals

Another option for busy individuals is the Mixed Succulents in a textured Aspen container. Not everyone has the time to care for a plant on a daily basis. While the other plants mentioned are easy to care for, the succulent garden requires minimal care. The chosen plants are native to desert regions, which means they need very little water. The stems, roots, and leaves store water. This mix of succulents is planted in a textured container – making it a unique centerpiece for a desktop or shelf in a home or office.

Mixed Succulents in Textured Aspen Container

Mixed Succulents in Textured Aspen Container $34.99

When you need the perfect gift, start with these beautiful plants from Giving Plants, or browse the rest of the selection at Giving Plants. Choose express shipping or add a personalized message. Potted plants that are easy to care for will help bring more color to any room or office – place your order today.


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