Find Out Why Potted Plants are the Best Mother’s Day Gifts This Year

Are you still searching for a Mother’s Day gift? Showing your mom that you appreciate everything she has done for you over the years is not always the simplest task. There are so many options available, how do you find the right Mother’s Day gifts? You may want to think about potted plants and herb gardens.

If you are still looking for a thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day, take a look at the following potted plants. They are all easy to care for and will continue to brighten up any room, year after year – not to mention, remind Mom of your appreciation for years to come.

A Flowering Succulent Mix That Any Mother Will Love

Flowering Succulent Plant - Kalanchoe Mother's Day Gift Plant

Flowering succulents like this cheery Kalanchoe are easy-care plants for indoors or out!

The first potted plant for you to consider is the gorgeous Kalanchoe Mix in a special Mother’s Day container. Kalanchoe is a popular choice, due to the vibrant, colorful petals of the flowering succulent. Kalanchoe care is easy. You simply need to keep it in a well-lit room with plenty of sunlight. Occasional watering keeps the plant fresh and lively throughout the season.

Classic Gardenias in Beautiful Containers

Fragrant Gardenia Potted Plant

Gardenias are popular for their alluring fragrance and timeless beauty.

Another choice to consider is fragrant, classic gardenias. Everyone loves gardenias. They are simple, attractive, and easy to maintain. White Gardenias in a decorative cache pot will look great in any room. The classic look works well with any decor. For a larger display, consider the Large Gardenia in a Floral Embossed Container.

Fresh Herbs Are Always Available with a Herb Garden Mix

Herb Trio in Mother's Day Container

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean flowers. This tasty herb mix will be right at home in the kitchen!

Does your mom enjoy cooking? Having an herb garden means that you always have a fresh supply of herbs in your kitchen. We have two separate herb gardens for you to consider. This includes the Herb Trio in a Mother’s Day Container and the larger Cottage Herb Planter.

The Herb Trio includes a selection of rosemary, sage, and thyme – the three classic herbs that any kitchen should have. For a rustic look, and to grow more herbs, you could choose the Cottage Herb Planter. As with the Herb Trio, this package will make a great Mother’s Day gift. It includes herbs that are ready to grow in the rustic windowsill planter.

Purchase Your Mother’s Day Gift Today

Why should you consider buying a potted plant instead of a traditional flower arrangement? Cut flowers have a short life.

Once fresh flowers are cut, they begin to wither. With potted plants, your mother will get to enjoy the plant all year. Many people avoid plant gifts, as they assume they require too much care. The beauty of giving the indoor plants mentioned is that they require minimal care (all care instructions included). Your mom does not need to have a green thumb to keep these plants healthy. And with a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee, you can put any worries to rest.

All of these potted gift ideas for mom are available with express shipping. You can ensure that your gift arrives in time for Mother’s Day. You can even add a personalized message.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. If you are still searching for thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gifts, consider choosing any of these attractive plants.

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