Make Gift Giving Special with Your Company Logo

For years, many businesses have used company branded gifts to help spread awareness and promote their company. It is an affordable form of advertising that allows more people to notice a business. You will often see this form of marketing used on pens, pencils, stationery, and other office supplies. To give your customers or employees something original, consider giving a special gift with your company logo – a beautiful potted plant. By adding your business logo to an attractive flower pot, your logo can proudly be displayed across desks, shelves, and taken home by customers. A more effective and original way to market your business, when compared to traditional corporate merchandise, learn more about these special gifts.


Show your appreciation to your most loyal customers by giving them one of these custom gifts. Wherever they choose to display their new potted plant containing your company logo, it is sure to draw the attention of others – making it a great form of marketing. Increase the presence of your business into other offices and even people’s homes.


Your custom gift will be unique to your business. There are three simple steps to picking out your business gift. Start with the type of pot you want, then select a plant, and decide on the number of gifts you would like to order. Choose from different styles of pots and flowers. Start by deciding on the right pot for your plant. We have 10 different pots to choose from in a variety of designs and colors. Each option is attractive and will look great on any desk or shelf.


After picking a pot for your plant, select from 20 different plant varieties. Some of your options include Gardenias, Peace Lilies, White Daisies, Savory Sage, Miltonia Orchid, and many more. Send a specific message by choosing the right plant. Giving the Braided Money Tree plant sends a message of stability and good fortune. Fragrant Mint can add breath of freshness to any stuffy office space. The varieties of plants chosen have been selected for the specific message they can send and to offer a large assortment of options.


Use your custom flower pot with your business logo to decorate desks throughout your offices. Greet customers with colorful mini roses at your front desk. There are many uses for such a great customizable present, whether you choose to display them inside your business or hand them out to customers and employees.


To get started on your order, visit our website today and begin the process of choosing your custom <a href=””>business gifts</a>. Reward your employees, best customers, or decorate the inside of your business. Every time a customer or employee looks across their desk at the lovely gift you have given them, they will remember your company and the gratitude you showed. However you decide to use your gifts, they are sure to make a lasting impression. A minimum order of 100 plants is required. Contact us today, choose your plants, and get a free price quote.

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