4 Easy Care Holiday Plants

4 Easy Care Festive Holiday Plants

A living plant can make a beautiful gift for the holiday season. After all, a plant can live well into the New Year and continue to be enjoyed next Christmas, and even beyond. If you want to ensure that the recipient of your plant gift is able to fully enjoy it for as long as possible, it’s important that you choose something that will add a stylish touch to their decor year round. Selecting easy to care holiday plants will help to make certain that the recipient of your gift will be able to keep the plant thriving season after season.

To help simplify your holiday shopping, here are a few of our four favorite plant gift ideas:

1. Send Positive Vibes with Lucky Bamboo

All My Love Bamboo. Bamboo is considered good luck, so giving it as a gift for the holidays is like sending along a wish for a prosperous New Year. The All My Love Bamboo (http://www.givingplants.com/by-holiday/christmas/all-my-love-lucky-bamboo.html) also adds a heartfelt message of love to your gift with its wrapped pairs of bamboo that have been trained to grow into a heart shape. Perfect for a spouse, a parent, a sibling or an adult child, this living plant comes in a simple glass container that will complement any decor. The plant is rather easy to care for, too. It just needs to be kept warm and out of direct sunlight to thrive.

2. Send a Peaceful Holiday Message 

Gardenia in Angel Cachepot. Receiving a flowering plant in the wintertime is always special, and gardenias are an exceptionally beautiful, yet easy to care for option among flowering plants that grow well indoors. The Gardenia in Angel Cachepot (http://www.givingplants.com/by-holiday/christmas/gardenia-sympathy-angel.html) is especially well suited toward holiday gift giving and is a top-rated sympathy gift. The angel featured on the white ceramic pottery pot fits into holiday decor but can still be displayed throughout the year.

3. Start a Tropical Tradition

Tropical Foliage Getaway in Wood and Wicker Basket. You might not be able to afford to give that special someone a tropical getaway vacation for the holidays, but you can give them a gift that will bring a bit of tropical beauty into their homes. The Tropical Foliage Getaway in Wood and Wicker Basket (http://www.givingplants.com/by-holiday/christmas/tropical-foliage-gift-basket.html) features a Red Anthurium, giving it a bit of holiday color but in an arrangement that has timeless appeal. The anthurium is associated with hospitality, making this basket a wonderfully symbolic hostess or host gift to send along as a thank you before or after a holiday party or dinner party.

4. Gift Exotic Luxury in Living Form

Miltonia Orchid in White Embossed Tin Container. Orchids are one of the most treasured flowers in the world, and they’re synonymous with luxury and class as a result. Giving the Miltonia Orchid in White Embossed Tin Container (http://www.givingplants.com/by-holiday/christmas/miltonia-orchid-embossed.html) as a holiday gift will treat the recipient of your present to something exotic that will flower for weeks. Watering orchids is as easy as dropping ice cubes into the planter, and the charming white tin container this orchid comes in makes a lovely decoration for any season.

These are just some of the many timeless, easy to care for holiday plants that you’ll find at Giving Plants. Shop our entire collection to discover other festive, beautiful gift ideas that can all be delivered in time for the holiday season.

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