A Quick Guide to Starting and Growing a Terrarium

Terrariums bring mini gardens to tabletops, desktops and shelves, and they’re a great way to enjoy living plants inside of your home year round. Whether you have years of experience gardening or have never tried to plant anything before, you can grow a lush green terrarium garden if you follow these simple steps:


  1. Choose the Container. Clear glass containers are the most popular choice for terrariums, as they provide an easy view of the miniature garden from every angle. Consider the space you have available for terrarium and select something that fits.
  1. Select Your Plants. When purchasing plants to place inside of your terrarium, you want to take the type of container that you’re using into consideration. Keep in mind that closed containers are best for plants that require more humidity, while open containers will be ideal for succulents and cacti that prefer drier conditions. Purchasing a plant-it-yourself terrarium kit like our Vertical Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit (http://www.givingplants.com/vertical-terrarium-kit.html) eliminates the guesswork from choosing plants to suit your planting container.
  1. Planting Your Terrarium. If you purchased a kit, you can simply prepare the planting medium and plant as directed by the instructions for easy to set up.


How to Make a Terrarium from Scratch

Creating your own terrarium from scratch? Follow these steps to get the planting medium ready. You’ll also need a piece of fiberglass screen that is cut into the shape of your planter.


  1. Purchase a coconut coir brick, which will provide a nice natural color and a neutral pH that makes a great base for terrarium gardening, and clay pellets or aquarium gravel.


  1. Soak the brick for 30 minutes in warm water. The brick will become soft as it absorbs the moisture.


  1. Use a trowel to break apart the brick.


  1. Place 1 to 2 inches of the clay pellets or aquarium gravel on the bottom of your container.


  1. Add your screen to the planter.


  1. Put 2 to 3 inches of coconut coir on top of the pellets. Feel free to get creative with the soil. You may want to build up the soil to create a hill effect inside depending on the shape.


  1. Remove each plant from its pot. Carefully remove the soil from around the roots. If the roots are very long, you may want to trim them.


  1. Arrange the plants inside of the terrarium and plant as you see fit.


To keep your terrarium looking lush once it’s planted, follow these tips:


  1. Water every 1 to 2 weeks. Use a watering can and add water along the side of the container rather than pouring down onto your plants.


  1. Clean the terrarium glass frequently.


  1. Keep plants well pruned to prevent overgrowth.


  1. If condensation builds up inside of your terrarium, remove the lid to allow it to air out.


GivingPlants helps make starting a terrarium easy. From sets like our Sedum Terrarium Bottle Kit (http://www.givingplants.com/sedum-terrarium-kits.html) to pre-planted terrariums like our Medium Fishbowl Terrarium with Multicolored Flowers (http://www.givingplants.com/fishbowl-terrarium-medium.html), we have products that will help you begin to enjoy the simple pleasure of growing a container garden inside your home. Shop our entire selection of terrarium kits and planted terrariums now.

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