Fall Forward With Freeze Resistant Plants

Fall doesn’t have to mean an end to growing. A number of plants are freeze hardy and will continue to remain lush and green even when cold weather arrives. To help you fall forward with the right freeze resistant plant options, here’s a list of some of the best plants to choose to continue enjoying greenery all autumn long:


Succulents and Cacti

Not only are succulent and cacti arrangements perfect for year-round growing, but they’re also incredibly trendy at the moment. You’ll see planters filled with these drought-loving, freeze-resistant plants in luxury hotels and gracing the tabletops and windowsills of opulent estates. Some ideas for fall growing include:


  • Hanging Arrangements like our Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse with succulents, which can be used outdoors or indoors to bring a touch of rustic chic charm along with the color and texture of exotic succulents.


  • Basket Planter Arrangements like our Succulent Mix in Wood and Wicker Basket, which features a mix of succulents in a handmade wicker basket with a handsome dark finish


  • Decorative Planter Arrangements like our Small Cactus Garden, which features both cacti and succulents in a shallow planter with a charming cityscape embossed on its surface


Living Herbs

Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs when you’re preparing meals at home, but you can also use herbs to enjoy the beauty of living plants year round indoors. Some of the most popular options for fall planting and beyond include:


  • Lavender, which develops gorgeous purple flowers with a soothing, calming fragrance. You can purchase a lavender plant in full bloom like our Lavender in Purple Hobnail Container to get a jump start on growing.


  • Rosemary, which can be enjoyed for its fragrance and taste but also for its aesthetic appeal, especially when you choose a decorative mature plant like our Rosemary Bonsai.


  • Basil, which comes in many colorful and tasty varieties, several of which can be grown and sampled with our Basil-O-Holic Foodie Garden Seed Kit.


  • Chives, which are perfect for topping off a baked potato or enjoying for their lush green beauty. Our Chives Seed Kit in Bamboo Container gives you everything you need to grow some in an simple, yet stylish bamboo planter.


  • Oregano, which will liven up your homemade pasta sauce! You can grow this Mediterranean herb on its own with a kit like our Oregano Recycled Grow Bottle or purchase one of the many mixed herb seed kits that contain it, like it our Herb Giving Wishes Gift Set.


Microgreens Seed Kits

These shoots of salad vegetables will give you healthy additions for recipes and lovely greenery to brighten a windowsill until it’s time for picking. You can easily grow microgreens indoors with a starter kit like our Micro-greens Grow Box, which is available in Herb and Veggie varieties. Both come with everything that you need for planting, including a soil-less growing medium, a growing box and a bamboo lid that doubles as a drainage tray.


The examples above are just some of the many herbs, microgreen, succulents and cacti available for your home or for greening someone else’s as a special gift. You can shop our full selection at GivingPlants to discover other ways to keep things growing this fall.

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