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Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container Is Right on the Money! [Customer Review]

braided-money-treeIt’s always exciting to get something in the mail, particularly when that something is lush, green and perfect for brightening up your home. I recently had that experience with and was completely delighted by what I found waiting for me inside of the box.

I received the Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container, which features a unique trunk with multiple stems that entwine. The plant is considered a symbol of good fortune, and it’s commonly used in feng shui to attract luck. The plant comes with a square-shaped embossed container with what I would call a Moroccan-inspired pattern.

Now–to my experience! The plant arrived at my home very quickly. I received word that it was leaving on Monday, and I had by it Wednesday morning. The box was tall and narrow to keep the plant upright and prevent spilling. I was impressed that the size was ideal for what was inside. We’ve ordered outdoor plants for our yard before from online nurseries and commented on the amount of waste produced by the packaging. It’s clear that has worked to make their shipping cartons as eco-friendly as possible by not giving you an oversized box.

The minute that I pulled the plant out of the box, my husband commented on how green and lush it was. We both were surprised by how well established the money plant is. We had assumed that it would be something smaller that we would need to grow, but what you get is a plant that’s already thriving and ready to be displayed.

The plant was placed inside of a plastic container that you drop into the decorative planter. I really liked this touch. We love the design of the pot, but if you were sending it as a gift to someone, they could easily substitute a different planter. That’s a really nice touch that you don’t always get from gift plants.

We’ve had the Braided Money Tree for about a month now, and it’s still looking beautiful. It’s clear that the tree was in good health and well taken care of before it reached us. We have it sitting on a ledge where it gets indirect sun, and we water it about once every week. It’s definitely not a high maintenance plant, so it’s something you could send to anyone, not just a person with a green thumb.

As I mentioned before, the money tree is thought to bring good luck, and I definitely would say that the Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container is a lucky find for someone who wants to send a living plant to a friend or family member. ships quickly and packages their beautiful plants smartly to ensure safe arrival, and the quality of the plant we received is truly second to none. Thanks, Giving Plants!

-Experienced & written by Hayley Harrison

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