Gardenia Plants as Gifts for All Occasions

Do flowers have different meanings? If they do then what does it mean when we give someone a fresh gardenia plant? Learn more about gardenias and why they remain such a popular gift choice for a wide variety of different occasions.


Choosing a Gardenia Plant Based on the Occasion

Gardenia plants have been a traditional gift option for quite some time and continue to be a favorite for gift giving. They are a highly fragrant plant with hardy leaves and small, beautiful flowers. When you start searching for the right gardenia to give to someone, take a moment to consider the occasion. Are you giving the gift for any birthday, as a sympathy gift, or for an anniversary? Let us explain some of the reasons for giving a gardenia plant, to help you select the right variety and container.

[one_half]Gardenia Bonsai Box[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Potted Gardenia in Basket Planter[/one_half_last]

Gardenias for Birthdays

Gardenias are highly suitable as a birthday gift. They are gender-neutral option that can easily be made more masculine by choosing the right container. A wood and wicker pot will easily transform a gardenia plant into a great gift for a guy, while you could go the opposite direction and choose a more feminine container. Simply by selecting the right pot or planter, to match the personality of the recipient of the gift, the gardenia is versatile enough to make a suitable birthday gift for anyone.


Gardenias as a Sympathy Gift

When some close to you has a lost a loved one, you do not want to overwhelm them with a large, vibrant plant. The gardenia plant is a gentle and sympathetic choice. Choose a neutral container or something that reflects the purpose of the gift, such as a simple, elegant flower pot.


Gardenias for Anniversaries

Gardenias were originally a common plant to give to a secret love or to express your admiration for someone. This tradition continues and gardenias remain a popular choice for anniversary gifts. Cut flowers can die within days, but a well-cared for gardenia plant can continue to express your feelings for years to come.


Gardenia Bonsai

Specially selected for its compact size, this dwarf gardenia plant is a low-growing variety of gardenia that takes on the appearance of a small bonsai tree. Perfect for a desktop or small shelf space, the gardenia bonsai is a great gift option for any occasion. It comes in a 5 inch bonsai pot and ships with buds ready to bloom.

Gardenia Bonsai Tree

Gardenias are highly suited as a gift for any purpose. Choosing the right plant to express a specific meaning often comes down to the container or pot that you choose. Gardenia plants are the perfect go-to gift for any occasion. The next time you find yourself invited to an anniversary party, a graduation, a birthday, or any other special event, consider purchasing a beautiful set of gardenias as your gift.

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