Medium Juniper Bonsai

Thank You and Congrats Gift Ideas to Dads, Grads, and Veterans

June is hot on our heels, which means days celebrating hardworking graduates, loving fathers, and of course, those loyal, amazing men and women who have served, and are serving, our beautiful country. It can be difficult to pinpoint the perfect gifts for dad, grads, and veterans, but we strive to make your decision a little easier with bonsai plants and green gifts.

For the father who seems to have everything already…for the graduate who cannot wait to take on the world…and for the veterans and soldiers who have done so much for us…these live plant gift ideas are for each and every one of you.

Bonsai Plants for Peace of Mind

When pondering common house plants, bonsai plants and trees usually don’t spring to the forefront of your mind – but they should. These beautiful, flourishing green gifts are notable for having serene effects on the mind and body. Those who gaze upon them, or garden them on a regular basis, are said to be calmer, more tranquil, and in a better mental mood than those who let their emotions run rampant.

Give your dad, grad, or veteran their own peace of mind! They can grow traditional Bonsai trees, Japanese Black Pines, Ponytail Plants, Juniper Trees, and so much more – each conducive to a peaceful, tranquil state of mind.

House Plant Gift Ideas: Medium Juniper Bonsai

The Most Beautiful Thank You Gifts

Sometimes we need to express gratitude for what we usually take for granted. Dads are taken for granted for their compassion, understanding, and the thought that they will always be there – as if they are immortal. Graduates are taken for granted because they are new to the wide world, brimming with excitement that we can all see, but are cynical that they’ll maintain that excitement. Veterans and soldiers are often taken for granted because we, in this country, always assume that we are safe, and don’t always see all of their hard work and service.

Now is the time to express your gratitude and say THANK YOU in the most beautiful ways imaginable…with host gifts and live plant gifts that could last a lifetime. These green gifts are ones that keep growing, thriving, and flowering, in much the same way our gratitude should never cease.

Thank You Gift Ideas: Tropical Foliage with Red Anthurium


Flower Plants that Make a Difference

Beautiful elegance that mimics that delicacy and strength of nature, flowering plants are among the top-rated green gifts in our collection. For example, the Gardenia Bonsai makes a difference by bringing in the tranquil thoughts associated with traditional bonsai plants – along with the beauty and serenity of gorgeous, white gardenias.

Gardenia Gift Ideas: Gardenia Bonsai

Make a difference in someone’s life, beginning with thanks that keeps flowering and growing for years to come. Shop our entire collection for gift ideas HERE.

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