Peace Lily

Why Peace Lilies are the Best Indoor Plants to Clean the Air

People don’t often think about what goes into our air. Smokes, car fumes, and years upon years of pollution and everyday debris – these are what we are breathing day in and day out. Fortunately for us, the freshness and cleanliness of breathable, beautiful air is a simple peace lily away.

Most commonly associated with the gorgeous, white flowers that you see in a condolence line of bouquets at a funeral, peace lilies are known to have cleansing, healing properties. Their mere presence is meant to evoke emotions of peace and harmonious thoughts, while their petals and beautiful, lengthy stems make could easily improve the beauty of a foyer, lobby, or living room table.

These air-cleaning plants have been around for centuries, and we, as an educated society, have only just brushed the surface of what these amazing flowers can do to enhance our air quality.

Peace Lily

Scientific Studies to Prove It

In a cluster of scientific studies done in 1989, NASA discovered peace lilies are some of the only flowers that can adequately, perfectly eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and ammonia from our air.

These air cleaning plants also release copious amounts of oxygen, while sucking up and reusing carbon monoxide, improving the overall quality of our air. It was discovered that a single peace lily per every 100 square feet of office or home space can remove enough pollutants to allow a room brimming with people to breathe easier.

Clearing the Air in Homes and Offices

Even when your home is spic-and-span, you can still feel oppressed and uncomfortable because of your air quality. Plants that clean the air, like peace lilies, do so by absorbing the bad things in our breathing air, while expelling oxygen to better our circulatory systems.

Offices, where hundreds of people gather to work every single day, are rife with pollutants. Bringing in a single air cleaning plant can significantly improve the air quality, resulting in clearer minds and bodies. In turn, office workers will have more pep in their step, as cleaner, crisper oxygen is re-energizing their bodies and clearing their heads.

Peace Lily in Angel Cache Pot

Lilies for Peace

Sure, people are concerned about the qualities of the air they breathe, but they also want to know how certain flowers can make them feel. After all, we don’t usually look at indoor plants and wonder how they are affecting our oxygen levels.

Peace lilies are beautiful and eye-catching, giving you a chance to deck out your home or office, elegantly, without dirtying up your interior or exterior décor. These flowers are also ranked at the tip-top of plant gifts for sympathy, thanks, and forgiveness.

However, be cautious when using these air cleaning plants for decoration. Peace lily petals and buds are toxic when consumed by cats and dogs, so put your plants up high – somewhere where your pets will be unable to reach them.

Bring a little peace – lilies, that is – to your life!

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