Living Plant Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mom does so much to make life special. She gave you life! She bandaged your boo boos! She’s always been there to listen! Feeling some serious Mother’s Day pressure yet? Figuring out what to get Mom each year can be stressful, as finding a gift to show such a special woman how you feel just isn’t easy. Well, Giving Plants is here to help this year and take the pressure off with plants!

 A Guide to What Mom Really Wants (Live Plants)

Living plants make wonderful gifts because they truly last, and we have gifts for all types of moms, even those who don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Here’s some of our favorites:

1. Joy in Flower Form. The yellow rose means joy in the language of families, making the Mini Yellow Rose in Square Woven Basket With Handles like happiness in a basket. Moms who love country charm and have classic tastes will adore the traditional thatched basket, and these yellow roses will infuse sunny color into Mom’s decor.

Mini Yellow Rose is a great living plant gifts that any mother would love.

2. A Touch of Drama. If Mom has a flair for modern design, the Coco Amaryllis in Bamboo Container is a gift that is right up her alley. This gift takes the guesswork out of starting a flowering plant indoors by giving Mom everything she needs to get growing right inside of a chic contemporary bamboo planter. Once the flower blooms, Mom’s space will be filled with dramatic color presented in a minimalist modern way.

Chocolate Amaryllis Bulb in a bamboo container

3. Tropical Getaway. You might not be able to whisk Mom away to a lush tropical destination for Mother’s Day, but you can bring a touch of the tropics to her home with the Tropical Foliage Getaway in Wood and Wicker Basket. The combination of red anthurium, pink splash and ivy will have Mom’s home looking like a slice of paradise, and the dark finished basket adds that perfect touch of resort elegance to a space.

Tropical Foliage with Red Anthurium

4. The Flowering De-Stressor. The scent of lavender is often used to calm the senses and promote relaxation, so the Lavender in Eloquent Embossed Container is the perfect way to help a busy Mom indulge in some R&R at home. The lavender plant comes in an exquisite embossed gold-toned container that will treat the eye as much as this lovely plant will delight her sense of smell.

Lavender in Eloquent Embossed Container

5. A Guardian Angel. Mom’s always been there to look out for you. Now, you can send a sweet little angel to look out for her with the Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot. A beautiful gift with religious symbolism, the planter is filled with snowy white roses and has a praying angel on its front.

Mini White Rose in Angel Cachepot

6. Straight From the Heart. Does Mom love gifts that get friends talking? The All My Love Bamboo is sure to spark some conversations! This unique arrangement includes four 8-inch lucky bamboo stalks that have been trained to grow in the shape of four hearts. Mom is sure to be touched by the sweet sentiment of this unique green arrangement.

All My Love Bamboo

7. Southwest Chic. Worried about how Mom will manage maintaining her living Mother’s Day gift? The Medium Cactus Garden is the foolproof way to give her something green. This arrangement can get by with very little watering and features a unique mix of succulents and cacti arranged at different heights.

Medium Cactus Garden

All of the above living plants can be delivered right to Mom’s door for Mother’s Day and are some of our favorite gifts. Check them out now and explore our other green, flowering, orchid, bamboo and succulent plants to find some favorites of your own. Order soon to guarantee delivery for Mother’s Day!

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