Top 3 Reasons to Give Live Plants and Kick Cut Flowers to the Curb

Next time you go to buy some fresh-cut flowers from the market, think again. The beauty, smell and fun of fresh cut flowers will only last for a small amount of time in a home, in comparison to potted plants. Giving the gift of a potted live plants can last more than a lifetime! Instead of looking at a bouquet of roses whose life is fleeting, take a look at these live plant gifts. If you want your gift to be remembered for years to come, send plants! Sending plants is life-lasting, thoughtful, and eco-friendly and can be the perfect way to show you care.

Reason #1

With a potted plant, your gift is remembered for years to come. The thought and gift lasts much longer than a vase of flowers that will soon dry up. In the home, there will be a constant reminder of your gift and sympathy, which can be looked upon years after the sentiment had been received.  Many people send flowers as a sympathy, but the best sympathy gifts are something that can grow and live as a symbol of support.  These sympathy plants can be a constant representation of support in a home. With many varieties to choose from you can choose the right plant for any occasion. Not only will these plants live on, but they can create a feeling of love and caring for years to come.

The Peace Lily is a perfect live plant gift for any occasion.

Reason #2

A potted plant is the perfect way to make a mark on the recipient’s home and heart. You could think of your gift as the love fern from How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, taking care of the fern can only make your love grow, much like Drew Barrymore’s beloved love fern. In the home, your loved ones will constantly be reminded of the thought forever, as long as they can take care of their potted plant. After first moving into a house, a good housewarming gift can be a bonsai tree for a calm and serene atmosphere or a herb basket to provide fresh ingredients in the kitchen. These thoughtful gift ideas will remain as an asset within their new home for as long as the plant shall live!

A juniper Bonsai Tree makes a great gift for any new homeowner.

Reason #3

Not only will the plant be thoughtful and last, but by sending a live plant gift, you are also helping the environment stay green! You may be wondering how there can be such a difference for both within the environment. With cut flowers, they require speedy transportation as well as the support of chemicals to keep them fresh, which adds pollution to communities. All of that pollution, only allows the flowers to live on for a few more days, while live plant delivery eliminates pollution and lasts for a long time. Live potted plants are definitely the better value in the long run and they leave an eco-friendly community looking even better!

So next time you are looking to buy some occasional flower gift, send plants! From, you can pick the next live plant gift that will leave a lasting impression. Care instructions and personalized gift card are included at no charge and everything ships 2-day express with a 7-day freshness guarantee. Send plants!

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