Repurposed Succulent Trio

New Succulents for Spring

Introducing our newest additions to our succulent line;

The Repurposed Succulent Trio

Repurposed Succulent Trio


The Repurposed Succulent Trio is hand crafted, right here in the U.S., from three recycled metal cans; two small cans 3 3/8 inches in height and one medium can 4 inches in height. The cans have been repurposed and carefully wrapped in burlap and fashioned together with a raffia rope. Nestled between each can is an eco-friendly bamboo stick for an added touch of character. Each can has a different succulent planted in it and each are finished with Spanish Moss. Since every Repurposed Succulent Trio is handcrafted, no two arrangements are the same.

These little trios make excellent arrangements on dining room tables, unique and charming wedding place settings, and add a some rustic flare to any office desk. For those who struggle to maintain any living plant, succulents are the perfect plant for they require little care. To maintain these succulents, simply drizzle some water around the stems about once a week and give them little bit of sunshine every now and then.


And our Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse with Succulents

Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse with Succulents

Our Reclaimed Wood Birdhouse with Succulents, also individually made in the U.S., is made from a solid piece of reclaimed wood topped with two smaller pieces of wood making a roof, measuring approximately 5 inches tall. Nestled to the reclaimed wood is Spanish Moss with planted succulents and topped with a heavy duty string for hanging. Use it as a centerpiece, in your home’s decor, or place it in your window sill. Even better, hang this birdhouse in the windowsill, on a fence, or on a wall to showcase its charm.

For any gardening, succulent, or bird lover, this would make an adorably unique gift. Just like the Succulent Trio, it is incredibly low maintenance and easy to take care, just dribble a little water around the stems every now and then to keep it looking healthy and strong.


These unique succulent arrangements are just a couple of our ever growing succulent collection.

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