Air plants in hanging terrariums

Air Plants: Caring and Styling

A plant you literally cannot kill? Count me in! Air plants may be a miraculous wonder to those who kill plants the moment they place them in their yard or to any avid gardener. These tiny miracles are not rooted in soil and can actually grow without it. How do they grow with well.. just the air?

The reason these plants have defied the elements of regular potted, growing plants is because of their specially, magical, designed leaves. Air plants leaves absorb all water and nutrients they need to survive without soil. Magical, right?! While these plants live without soil, air plants still attach their roots to rocks, trees, shrubs, and the ground in an attempt to make a little home for themselves.

There are over 650 air plant types, also known as Tillandsia and in majority they come from warm-weather climates such as Mexico, Central America, and South America, where they enjoy the beautiful weather almost as much as those vacationing to those areas. As a trendy and easy plant, air plants are the perfect design element to a minimalist lifestyle.


How to Care for Air Plants

While air plants could appear indestructible, there are a few things to know about air plant care. Here are a few rules to keep air plants happy, healthy, and thriving.

– Air plants need to be in an area with constant air circulation, so they can feel the wind in their leaves.

– Air plants need water spritz. From the end of spring to mid-fall, air plants like to be misted daily, but in the winter can go with being misted once or twice a week.

– Because of their native origins, air plants need to be kept in temperature of 45 degrees and up. When kept in areas below 45 degrees, air plants cannot survive.

– Much like a pale-skinned person, air plants love warm weather, but cannot last in direct sunlight. Air plants need protection from direct sunlight. For air plants growing on trees, keep them in moist, partial shade. For ground type air plants, like T. Cyanea or T. lindenii, grow them inside in bright, filtered light and outside in partial shade.

– Although air plants absorb their nutrients through their leaves, it is still important to fertilize them monthly in spring and summer using a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer mixed at one quarter of its strength.

Occasionally spritz air plants with water to keep them hydrated


Tips and Tricks to Styling Air plants

Air plants have become statement, minimalist pieces in homes. Bring out your inner interior designer, and have fun to using air plants as a design element around the house. Air plants can be made into display pieces through terrariums. Grouping three air plants with small coastal accents, such as sparkly sea shells and light driftwood, makes an adorable, coastal terrarium. Another exciting way to use air plants in the home is through teardrop, hanging terrariums. In front of a window, hanging terrariums looks gorgeous and create fun design elements for the home.

Place air plants in terrariums hung from the window frame


Using an air plants as an easy alternative to water hungry houseplants is a great way to fill your home with nature and style.

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