Bonsai trees represent tranquility, harmony and peace.

Bonsai Plants for Every Occasion

With their beauty and ease of care, bonsai trees are a great gift for any occasion. They’ll last longer than a box of chocolates or a bouquet of fresh flowers, and will bring peace and serenity into your friend’s home and life. And with prices this good, you can afford to give bonsai plant gifts to all your friends and family, no matter the occasion! There is always a reason to give a bonsai plant, but here are a few of our favorites bonsai trees for sale:


Send birthday greetings with this beautiful and colorful plum bonsai. This unique gift features star-shaped white flowers and tropical green leaves. It even produces edible red plums from late spring through early fall! With its charming blue pot and root details, this plant will bring your friend joy long after their birthday has passed and can be a ray of tropical sunshine during the cold winter months.

Bonsai trees represent tranquility, harmony and peace.

Bonsai trees represent tranquility, harmony and peace.


With its gardenia flowers that represent love and romance, this gardenia bonsai plant is the perfect anniversary gift to serve as a reminder of your love year round. The plant features glossy green leaves and miniature flowers that have a light, fresh fragrance. The plant arrives in bud ready to bloom, making it a gorgeous token of your love.


Give condolences or support a friend going through rough patches with a calming bonsai plant. All bonsai plants are said to bring serenity and peace, but this Zen reflections bonsai is particularly good for sympathy gifts. With a miniature fisherman figurine, small pond, and juniper tree with trailing branches, this plant can serve as a reflective piece and give your friend or family member the Zen and serenity they need. The juniper tree branches can be trained into new bonsai styles or left as is for the novice gardener.

Bonsai Just Because

Surprise a friend for a job well done or just because with this gorgeous and unique pomegranate bonsai plant. This plant is taller than other bonsai trees and features vibrant blooms. It will even produce small pomegranates in autumn. The chic white pot will match nearly any decorating style. All together the plant is sure to brighten someone’s day and bring cheer and peace to them throughout the year.

From milestones to new babies, housewarming to graduation, there is always an occasion to give a bonsai plant. And with the variety of options and styles available, it is easy to find the perfect plant for your friend and have it shipped fresh, straight to their door. With bonsai plants you can spread peace and joy throughout the year!

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