Peace Lily in Angel Cache Pot

Sympathy Plant Gifts for a Grieving Friend

When a friend is facing a challenging time of grief, it can be difficult to know how to help. A universally accepted way to show support and brighten someone’s day after the death of a loved one is to give a sympathy gift of a living plant. Sympathy plants last longer than cut flowers, and can live on as a touching reminder of your sincerity in memory of a lost friend. Bereavement gifts come in a variety of styles, so it is easy to find the perfect plant to brighten someone’s day.


Traditional funeral plants include gardenias and lilies. These plants are classic for a reason – their message of peace and hope comes presented in a precious package. This beautiful potted peace lily is a beautiful reminder to the recipient of their lost loved one and symbolizes peace after death. Lilies are long-lasting plants and can brighten a friend’s day long after their loved one is gone. Another classic plant, gardenias, offer a soft fragrant smell and beautiful white flowers and buds.

This potted lily is a symbol of hope, peace and the rebirth of the soul.

This potted lily is a symbol of hope, peace and the rebirth of the soul.


If your troubled friend loves color, brighten their day with an assortment of colorful blooms. Bereavement gifts don’t have to be somber – bright plants can serve as a positive reminder of a lost life and can illuminate a space during a dreary time. This gorgeous miltonia orchid brings a dash of color as it mixes dainty flowers with exotic leaves. Orchids symbolize hospitality, love, and friendship, which are great tokens to give in a time of grief. Plus, the plants are easy to care for when a friend has other things on their mind. Other colorful funeral plant options include peony or rose plants, which are as hardy as they are beautiful and fragrant.


Give a gift that fits with your friend’s style and personality. For the modern griever, bamboo and bonsai plants are a great option. Their sleek lines and minimal style are a perfect match for a modernist, but the plants also bring an aura of serenity and peace. This simple bamboo arrangement features three stalks of Lucky Bamboo to represent peace, strength, and love. Bamboo is known to bring good luck, and can be a modern and slightly nontraditional way to remember a lost loved one. Bamboo and bonsai plants are both easy to care for and can be a welcome break in the midst of traditional funeral flowers.

No matter who receives it, living plants are a great sympathy gift idea as they serve as longstanding reminders of friendship and the goodness of a departed loved one.

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