You can grow herbs year-round, indoors and out.

Classic Uses for Fresh Herbs

You can grow herbs year-round, indoors and out.

You can grow herbs year-round, indoors and out.

There’s nothing like fresh herbs to change any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. But when life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to buy or grow fresh herbs. That’s where indoor herb gardens come in to brighten your home and give you all of the seasoning you need to make the perfect meal. Here is a cooking guide with some of our favorite herbs and easy ways to work them into your everyday cooking.


Oregano grows wild through Greece and Italy and has worked its way into many traditional dishes. A great addition to pasta or pizza, oregano is also an easy way to spice up a homemade vinaigrette or marinade. Oregano is a great spice to have on hand for your Italian dishes.


Mint is a fragrant herb that brings a sense of freshness and vitality to the kitchen. Mint is traditionally paired with lamb, but can be used to add freshness to any dish, particularly fruit and vegetable salads. Mint also brings out the flavors of whatever it is combined with, such as traditional lemonade, Mexican dishes, or creamy herbal tea.

Also a great gift for foodies, this fresh herb basket will also make life in your kitchen just a little easier.

Also a great gift for foodies, this fresh herb basket will also make life in your kitchen just a little easier.



This French classic can be used to make homemade pesto sauce, spice up traditional red spaghetti sauce, or added to tomatoes and fresh mozzarella for a delectable caprese dish. Basil is a must if you do Italian cooking or frequently make soups and sandwiches.


Known for its use in salsa and curry, cilantro has a strong flavor that can be added to a variety of other dishes. Added to soups and stews, its flavor can be contained for a more subtle approach. Use cilantro in Mexican dishes and rice to take advantage of its full flavor.


Sage has a rustic taste and is great for bringing out the flavors of home-style, traditional cooking. Pair it with lemon to season grilled chicken, or use it in homemade bread or flavored butter for a taste right out of Tuscany.


A Mediterranean spice with a strong taste, rosemary can be used in dishes from casseroles to desserts. Simply add a fresh sprig of rosemary to pork or chicken for a delicious flavor, or add it to a batch of homemade chicken noodle soup. Rosemary also makes a great addition to tomato sauce and pizza. If you are a bread connoisseur, rosemary is a spice for you.

You probably won’t realize how much you use a certain spice until it is right at your fingertips. With fresh herbs growing in your kitchen, it won’t be hard to find a variety of ways to use them. A great way to put all your herbs together is in our classic Cottage Herb Basket, which features some of our most popular spices in an attractive, rustic basket. No matter what spice you are using, your dishes are sure to taste great with the addition of fresh herbs.

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