Gift Tip: Find a plant that fits their office space and goes with the existing decor.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Coworker Gifts

The idea of finding the perfect gift for a coworker can be a little intimidating: What do they enjoy? How do you make it fair between recipients? Is it possible to give them something you and they can feel good about? Desktop plants are the perfect way to bring cheer to your coworkers and give them a gift they are sure to love every day at the office – it might even make coming to work each morning a little easier. Here are some tips to find the best office plants:

Gift Tip: Find a plant that fits their office space and goes with the existing decor.

Gift Tip: Find a plant that fits their office space and goes with the existing decor.


Add some personality. Plants aren’t one-size fits all, and neither are your coworkers. Look for a plant that showcases each personality and proves you put a little thought into getting the perfect coworker gift. A great way to do that is to find a plant that represents their hobbies or where they are from. You can also add color to plants to show a vibrant personality, or spice things up with a plant in a fun and whimsical container, such as a money tree in a decorative container.

Make it look good. No one wants a plant that will just awkwardly take up space in their office and look worn and mangy in a few days. Pick a plant and container that will match the decor style of the recipient’s office. A classic desktop plant choice is the Juniper Bonsai Tree, and for good reason—the plant works in almost any space and will keep its beautiful and vibrant look without much effort.


Overwhelm the recipient. The last thing someone with a brown thumb wants is to have to take care of a new office plant. Give your garden-challenged coworker something hardy and indestructible like a Small Cactus Garden. It doesn’t require much attention or gardening skill to reap the rewards. If you want to give them something a little more involved, make sure to send along a few tips for cubicle plant success, or stop by their office to take care of the plant yourself.

Make it generic. Don’t just give your co-workers the typical ho-hum office plant just to give them something. Add visual interest with texture, color, or scent. This Succulent Mix in Leaf Basket takes a unique spin on the classic succulent plant with an unexpected container.

Putting a little thought into the perfect plant for your coworker is sure to make their day and be one of their favorite gifts. It definitely is a step up from junky pens and notebook gifts. Live plant gifts really are the gifts that keep on living!

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