Help your favorite hostess out - potted plants and flowers bring life and happiness to any space!

Eco-friendly Fresh Hostess Gift Ideas

Forget the typical bottles of wine, cookies, or kitchen towels-there is a new trend in party host gifts and it keeps on giving. Potted plants are a great hostess gift idea because they bring life into a home and last longer than that plate of cookies. Plants for sale are eco-friendly and reduce the waste that comes with traditional gifts. You can send potted plants in the mail or deliver them yourself to brighten someone’s day for any occasion.

Even for someone without a green thumb or creative bone in their body, potted plants are the gift that keeps on living. No matter your host’s personality or style, there is a perfect potted plant gift for everyone. Here are some hostess gift ideas for any personality:


For your stylish friend, stick with the trends of sleek designs, interesting shapes, and unique textures. A modern option is the Hanging Terrarium Kit with Airplant. This unique gift plays on the décor trend of terrariums but is sleek and simple enough to fit in any design style. Plus, the sand in the terrarium eliminates standing water and makes it nearly impossible to kill the plant.

Help your favorite hostess out - potted plants and flowers bring life and happiness to any space!

Help your favorite hostess out – potted plants and flowers bring life and happiness to any space!

Nature Lover

If your host loves the outside and being in nature, opt for rugged plants and containers. Evergreen plants or rocky elements are great ways to bring in a taste of the outdoors. Bring a natural look into your host’s home with theSucculent Mix in Leaf Basket. The succulents are a hardy and interesting option, but the dried leaf basket puts it over the tops and feels like something found straight from the forest floor.


For the spiritually minded host, go for something sleeker and streamlined. Plants like the peace lily, bamboo, and lavender are known for bringing a peaceful and calming influence. All My Love Bamboo showcases your gratitude and appreciation for the host in a calming bamboo plant. The sleek container and river rocks add to the soothing nature.

Shabby chic

Give your host a more rustic gift by picking free-flowing plants and flowers, such as ivy, herbs, or ground cover. A mix of texture and color can create a unique piece that any shabby chic hostess will love. The Cottage Herb Basket mixes a variety of plants in a rustic basket. Plus, the plants really are good enough to eat and give your hostess fresh herbs right in her kitchen!


If your host prefers the finer things in life and veers towards classic design, you have lots of options for party host gifts. Traditional plants include mums, daisy, bonsai, or lily. Pair it with a timeless container and your hostess is sure to love it. A great option is the Fragrant Gardenia in Woven Basket. The flower and basket match nearly every decorating style and features a soft fragrance to match the beautiful blossoms.

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