Gift Idea: Potted Herbs and a copy of this recipe for Herb Roasted Beef - Yum!Photo Courtesy: FreshHerbs

Kitchen Herbs for Tasty Recipes

Fresh herbs make all the difference in a recipe – they can take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. But buying fresh herbs from the grocery store takes money and time, two commodities that are hard to use. The perfect solution? Create a kitchen herb garden for tasty recipe enhancers right at your fingertips.

Kitchen herbs are a great form of indoor gardening because they are easy to care for and add a dash of greenery to your kitchen, not to mention the delicious taste. Below are a few of the most popular plants to grow in your kitchen herb garden.

Rosemary is a delicate herb with a distinct and versatile flavor. This Rosemary Bonsai not only provides fresh herbs, but also comes in a stylish container and offers beautiful purple blooms and a soft scent. Rosemary can be used in anything from breads to drinks, but a popular and delicious main dish option is this tasty herb roasted beef. The rosemary paired with fresh thyme and parsley is a flavor explosion with each bite.

Gift Idea: Potted Herbs and a copy of this recipe for Herb Roasted Beef - Yum!<br/>Photo Courtesy: FreshHerbs

Gift Idea: Potted Herbs and a copy of this recipe for Herb Roasted Beef – Yum!
Photo Courtesy: FreshHerbs

A charming and rustic herb is lavender, known for its unique fresh fragrance and great taste. This Fragrant Lavender comes in a chic country container that matches the herb perfectly. Lavender is used for many calming practices and is a great addition to many recipes. Because it blooms in the springtime, lavender is often used in fresh, garden-inspired foods. A great recipe option is almond lavender cake, the perfect addition to a tea party or Easter dinner.

If you prefer a mix of herbs in your kitchen, the Cottage Herb Basket is a great combination of delicious herb flavors. Growing herbs together in one container makes it easy to care for them and gives lots of options for flavors. This basket can easily fit on a windowsill or shelf for easy access.

To ensure your plant comes with the highest quality herbs available, buy herbs online and have them shipped to your house at peak freshness. Herb plants are for sale nearly year round, but pay attention to seasonal herbs and purchase them at the right time for the best taste and freshness.

A kitchen herb garden is an easy and practical way to practice indoor gardening. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful sights and smells of the herb plants, and reap the fresh flavor benefits. In no time you’ll be an expert indoor gardener and a master chef!

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