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Lucky plants and bonsai gifts are unique way to show the recipient you care and they’re easy to care for. Photo Credit: Horia Varlan

Lucky gifts are a fun, original way of showing someone how much they mean to you. Each culture has its own symbols of luck and prosperity, and the information exchange made possible by the internet means you have a great diversity of good luck charms to choose from.

Good luck gift ideas include jewelry and various good luck charms, which are cute and also convey to the recipients of the gift your wishes for good luck and prosperity.

A recent, interesting trend is that of buying lucky plants as decor for home and garden. Planting good luck plants has been a trend for hundreds of years in parts of Asia, but only in the past years – thanks to the intensified cultural exchanges, has it reached the western world.


The advantage of buying a lucky plant for someone is that they make wonderful gifts, regardless of the occasion. Lucky plants will never look out of place, whether they are used at home or in the office, indoor or outdoor. Even if the person is not impressed by the symbolism of your gift, he or she will surely appreciate the beauty and freshness of the plant. Moreover, plants aren’t just a pretty sight; they also have beneficial effects on our health and well-being. They increase happiness, concentration, help alleviate stress and allow us to achieve greater performance – making them a truly valuable gift.

Choices, choices…

Money Tree

Potted money trees are the most popular way to wish someone Good Luck and Prosperity.Money Tree

Good luck plants come in various arrangements and designs, and in different shapes and sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect choice for the occasion. Perhaps the most common choice is lucky bamboo, a plant thought to attract happiness and wealth. It is also said to improve cognitive functions, aid in finding one’s inner peace and improve health. Lucky bamboo comes in various arrangements, each with its own distinct significance and you can choose between tower, wall or spirals lucky bamboo arrangements.

The money tree is another popular choice. A type of bonsai tree, this plant can grow pretty high. Usually several of them are planted in the same pot and at some point their trunks are braided together, creating a very interesting visual display which is bound to impress anyone who sets eyes on it.

Good luck gifts and especially lucky plants are a sure way to impress and delight someone. These fun gifts are not only delightfully looking; they are also loaded with a rich symbolism. And even those more skeptical of us can appreciate the warm wishes and the good thoughts which come with such a gift.

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