Expecting Couple Baby Gifts

Birth Month Flowers are for Babies!

Expecting Couple Baby Gifts

Expecting mother gifts are often forgotten in the midst of welcoming new life. GivingPlants.com ships express to save the day!

Bringing a new family member into the world can be a great experience for a young couple, but for their family and friends who are contemplating gift ideas celebrating the little bundles of joy, these are stressful times.  Baby gifts are difficult to choose, especially when you need gifts for babies who have everything.  Why not consider birth month flower gifts?

Plants are excellent gifts for mothers to be and new mothers as well.  Instead of giving cut flowers that rapidly wilt and turn to mush or balloons that deflate and float around the house halfheartedly, celebrate the new baby with a plant gift that can last many years.  Wouldn’t it be amazing for your little nephew or niece to toddle out to the garden with their parents to help care for the miniature rose that you gave them at birth? Birth month flowers are:

  • January – Carnations or Snowdrops in black, dark blue or red.
  • FebruaryViolets or Primrose in violet, sky blue or yellow.
  • March – Daffodils or Jonquils in white or light blue.
  • April – Daisies or Sweet peas in yellow, pink or red.
  • May – Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn in yellow, red or green.
  • JuneRose or Honeysuckle in light blue, white or cream.
  • July – Larkspur or Water Lily in green, russet or red.
  • August – Gladiolas or Poppies in orange, red or light green.
  • September – Aster or Morning Glory in brown or deep blue.
  • October – Calendula or Cosmos in white or yellow.
  • November – Chrysanthemum in dark blue, red or yellow.
  • December – Narcissus or Holly in indigo, green or greenish-blue
Ultimate Baby Gift: Yellow Mini Rose in Hi Baby Musical Container

Ultimate Baby Gift: Yellow Mini Rose in Hi Baby Musical Container

When it’s almost time to bring your own baby into the world, you may consider gifts for expecting wife.  Give her a plant to bring a little life into her bland hospital room – not only do plants help spruce up the place, plenty of them do a great job of purifying indoor room air.  Say “I’m so proud of you” with a plant gift in her favorite shade and scent.  Many orchids aren’t fussy and will provide her with enormous, beautiful blooms while she’s recovering from your child’s birth.

Another neat idea is to give baby flowers according to the month of the new baby’s birth.  Every month has a corresponding flower and color, with special meanings to go along with them.  For example, you might consider sending white daffodils to a baby born in March.  These flowers speak of your regard and devotion to the new baby and its family.

No matter the month the new addition appears, plant gifts are always appreciated by new parents.  The calm that plants infuse into a house full of chaos can make those long, sleepless nights a little easier to bear.  Consider birth month flower gifts for new parents if you want to give a token that will outlast the first case of diapers.

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