A bamboo plant in a vase with red stones

Valentine Flowers for Men – Great Gift Idea or Bad Plan?

Red flamingo flower, or anthurium

With its bold color, the Flamingo Flower is a perfect Valentine’s gift for men.

Traditionally, we think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for women. Commercials and pop-up ads urge men to shower their wives and girlfriends with jewelry, candy, and most importantly, flowers. Seems a little one-sided! What about women who want to give a cute Valentine’s gift to a husband or boyfriend? And what about choices for guys dating guys? Is it okay to send flowers to a man on Valentine’s Day, or are there more appropriate Valentine’s gifts for men?

Deciding whether or not to send him flowers

The stereotypical macho-man would be annoyed or embarrassed by a bouquet delivery, but as you may have noticed, stereotypes don’t get you very far these days. Every guy is different, and a gift that would weird one dude out might delight another. If you’re considering sending flowers to the man in your life, here are some questions to consider.

  • What’s his wardrobe like? If he owns exactly two pairs of shoes and has a closet full of identical jeans and utilitarian t-shirts, he’s probably not into aesthetics.
  • Does he like decorating his space? A man who enjoys a lovely living space will probably appreciate the beauty of flowers. Guys with an eye for color and design are more likely to proudly display a bright bouquet.
  • Does he enjoy gardening? Not just mowing the lawn, but actually digging, planting, and pruning. A man with a prize rose bush just might love a dozen roses.

In other words, review what you know about him and decide if he’d enjoy flowers or find them frivolous and overly feminine.

Best flowers for men

All blooms are not created equal, and some flowers are more masculine than others. Men usually prefer bold colors and unusual shapes, so choose a simple, striking arrangement rather than a fussy pastel one. Popular flowers for men include:

A simple vase or pot is preferable to an ornate one, especially for guys who aren’t big on décor. Skip the sparkly pink hearts and go with earth tones and metallics.

A bamboo plant in a vase with red stones

A heart-shaped bamboo plant is romantic without being girly.

Alternatives to Valentine flowers

If you just can’t imagine sending flowers to your boyfriend or husband, there’s an easy alternative: a potted plant, delivered to his home or work. Valentine plants are the guy equivalent to red roses. Like flowers, a plant is lively and appealing, and a potted plant is bound to last longer than a bouquet. That should please the practical type. And with a green plant, there’s no chance he’ll dismiss it as fancy and feminine. Some of our favorite plant gifts are:

  • Succulents and Cacti. What could be more manly than a plant that can injure you? Potted cactus gardens are perfect if you want to gently tease a “prickly” guy. Or choose a spine-free succulent arrangement for something a bit safer.
  • Bonsai Trees. A traditional juniper bonsai isn’t just a decoration – it’s a project. These plants are ideal for builders and tinkerers.
  • Bamboo Arrangements. Standing straight and tall or trained into interesting shapes, bamboo plants have a simple Asian charm.

Naturally, the other traditional Valentine’s gifts – candy and jewelry – can work for guys, too. Who doesn’t enjoy some intense chocolate? And a new watch or pair of cufflinks can please even the most bling-averse man. There are also risqué gifts that hint at an exciting Valentine’s night, but we’ll leave that to the imagination. Whatever Valentine gift you choose for your husband, boyfriend, significant other, or other important man in your life, remember that a surprise and a smile are the best gift of all.

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