What are the Best Plants for Offices and Cubicles?

Employers have found that having plants in an office contributes to increased productivity in the office and may even decrease absenteeism. Office plants can cleanse the air, removing toxins and adding humidity. Aside from creating a healthier cubicle, they also create a more comfortable atmosphere. Considering the low-light conditions of most offices, it’s important to […]

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Money Trees are popular house plants used in feng shui.">Potted money tree

Using House Plants in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a long-established Chinese decorating style that takes into account the different “energies” that shapes and materials can bring into a space. According to the feng shui tradition, you want to have a balance of energies, or chi, in your workspace and home. The balance of energy is called yin yang. Five different…

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