Help! How to Rescue a Dying House Plant

So, you received a beautiful house plant for your birthday – one that was guaranteed to be indestructible. But, it’s dying anyway. You told the gift-giver that you have a “black thumb”, but they didn’t listen, and now you’re trying to be philosophical about the death of what was once a beautiful plant. Don’t give […]

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potted rose plant can live for months or even years with proper care.">A potted plant with pink roses

Cut Flowers vs. Potted Plants for Mother’s Day

Cut flowers represent a beautiful sentiment to the recipient. A bouquet of flowers always freshens a room, and the bright colors and textures are visual feast. Of course, the same can be said of a living, growing potted plant. So, what’s the difference between cut flowers and potted plants with blooms? The life span of…

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