potted rose plant can live for months or even years with proper care.">A potted plant with pink roses

Cut Flowers vs. Potted Plants for Mother’s Day

Cut flowers represent a beautiful sentiment to the recipient. A bouquet of flowers always freshens a room, and the bright colors and textures are visual feast. Of course, the same can be said of a living, growing potted plant. So, what’s the difference between cut flowers and potted plants with blooms? The life span of […]

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What are the Best Plants for Offices and Cubicles?

Employers have found that having plants in an office contributes to increased productivity in the office and may even decrease absenteeism. Office plants can cleanse the air, removing toxins and adding humidity. Aside from creating a healthier cubicle, they also create a more comfortable atmosphere. Considering the low-light conditions of most offices, it’s important to…

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