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New Succulents for Spring

Introducing our newest additions to our succulent line; The Repurposed Succulent Trio   The Repurposed Succulent Trio is hand crafted, right here in the U.S., from three recycled metal cans; two small cans 3 3/8 inches in height and one medium can 4 inches in height. The cans have been repurposed and carefully wrapped in burlap and fashioned […]

Air Plants: Caring and Styling

A plant you literally cannot kill? Count me in! Air plants may be a miraculous wonder to those who kill plants the moment they place them in their yard or to any avid gardener. These tiny miracles are not rooted in soil and can actually grow without it. How do they grow with well.. just […]

The History of the Braided Money Tree

  With its unique twisted trunk and elongated, lustrous green leaves, the braided money tree plant is an attractive addition to the decor of an office or home. It’s not unusual to see potted braided money trees used as accents in residential and commercial floor plans, but the presence of the greenery often holds deeper […]