Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container.

The History of the Braided Money Tree


With its unique twisted trunk and elongated, lustrous green leaves, the braided money tree plant is an attractive addition to the decor of an office or home. It’s not unusual to see potted braided money trees used as accents in residential and commercial floor plans, but the presence of the greenery often holds deeper meaning than meets the eye due to the unique history of the tree.


Money Tree: A Curious Name


The common names of many trees and plants are self-explanatory when you study their appearances, but that isn’t the case with the money tree. The nickname of the Pachira aquatica comes from an old Chinese story that has been handed down through generations. It seems that an old man who was down on his luck prayed to receive money. After he finished praying, he stumbled upon the strange looking miniature tree. Assuming it was from the gods, he took it home with him. When others saw it, they wanted one of their own, so the man became rich cultivating his strange plant.


Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container.

Braided Money Tree in Elegant Embossed Container.


A Prominent Role in the Art of Feng Shui


The money tree plant is one of the most popular feng shui plants. The Chinese philosophy of feng shui can be traced back more than 3,500 years to ancient China. Through the centuries, feng shui developed as a system for arranging elements in a space to promote a balance of energies. Practitioners and proponents of feng shui believe that by creating a harmonious setting in a room, people can lead healthier lives and experience inner peace. In the tradition of feng shui, the money tree is used to bring positive energy or qi into a space. Many who believe in the power of feng shui believe that the tree can attract wealth and prosperity.


A Lucky Find for Modern Gift-Giving


The legendary origins of the name of the Pachira aquatica and its role in feng shui have influenced the modern meaning of the plant. Today, the money tree is seen as a symbol of good luck. Giving a person a money plant is like sending them a wish for good fortune in the future. The symbolism of the plant makes it a very popular choice for corporate holiday gifts, customer appreciation gifts, VIP thank you gifts, and other gifts given to individual customers or business clients.


Not only is the symbolism appropriate for gift giving, but money trees also offer ease of care. They can survive in relatively dry soil and don’t need a lot of light to thrive. As a result, the recipient of the gift doesn’t have to have a green thumb to keep a money tree looking great in an office or home. This makes them great hassle-free choices of living plants to give as good luck gifts and congratulations gifts.


If you’re looking for appropriate business gifts for a VIP, client, customer or company, has an assortment of money plant gifts that are certain to meet your needs.

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      You can most certainly buy one for yourself! The feng shui money plant is a feng shui symbol of vibrant and well-rooted energy regardless of where it comes from.


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