This Valentine’s Day, Green Conquers All

valentines-day-gp-storeSend a plant right off the bat this Valentine’s Day and emerge victorious – and still in love.

To all you repeat offenders, left scrounging for last-minute gift ideas each year, put your shame aside. We’ve all been there. Twenty-four hours to go and fresh out of ideas, so many fall victim to the fresh cut clichés. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

This February 14, honor an idea that works – flowers and plants – by making it into something more. As in live plant gifts that give delightful definition to the term “everlasting love.” Because, as it happens, these arrangements actually last!

Good For Guys & Gals

Men and women alike will appreciate a gift that not only expresses fondness, but also brightens their daily environment. Green and flowering plants can embody a range of sentiments, from the excitement of new romantic love to the appreciation of a long-term relationship. And they convey those meanings while livening up a desk, ledge or table.

Red Mini Rose in Love Note Container

Red Mini Rose in Love Note Container

For the Ladies

They say all is fair in love and war. But when it comes to celebrating a significant other, you both deserve better than fair. Make Valentine’s Day memorable for a girlfriend, wife or love interest with a fresh expression of your affections.

From a traditional red rose arrangement, to the contemporary True Love Lucky Bamboo, find the right fit for the lady in your life. Live plant displays are a ready reminder of how you feel about her that sticks around for longer than live cut bouquets.


Large Braided Money Tree

Large Braided Money Tree

Apart from all the green and pink, green plant gifts are a hit for guys too. Send a symbol of good fortune with a Braided Money Tree to put on his desk. Or, offer a cheeky reminder of his luck in love by sending a Lucky 8-Cane Bamboo Plant.

Helping to freshen up his space with plant life is a modern gesture, ideal for love in the 21st century.

Herb Garden Basket

Herb Garden Basket

Feng Shui, Food and Flowers

For anyone else on your list, male or female, significant other or family member, sending a plant is an elegant expression of fondness in any form. Here’s a few more fun ideas for this Valentine’s Day or any other occasion:

For foodies, give an Herb Garden Basket to make their next culinary masterpiece all the more flavorful.

For gardeners, you can’t go wrong with pretty flowers like the Pure Love Cyclamen arrangement.


Succulent Mix in Leaf Basket

For anyone, lend a tranquil vibe to home decor with calming Bonsai or a low-maintenance mix of succulents in a decorative pot.

And if you did happen to wait until the last minute, gift ideas featured by Giving Plants are mostly available for express shipment.

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